Australia Online Visa

All individuals who are non-citizens travelling to Australia are required get an Australian visa before entering the country, with the only exception being New Zealand citizens, who can enter visa-free under the Trans-Tasman Travel Arrangement. Depending on the nationality of the applicant, it will be necessary to apply for either the ETA Australia or the Australia eVisitor visa through the online application system.

What is the Australian visa?

An online visa for Australia (ETA or eVisitor) is an online travel authorisation to enter and explore Australia. Visitors may apply for an Australia electronic visa through AU border agencies, airlines and travel agents.

An Australia tourist visa online is valid for a consecutive stay of 3 months, has 12 months total validity from the date it is issued, and is a multi-entry visa. This means that online visa holders can travel to and enter Australia as many times as they wish for the duration of 12 months, or until the expiry date of their passport, whichever comes first.

Who needs a visa for Australia?

australia visa
All non-Australian passport holders are required to get some type of Australian visa before travelling to the country, with the exception of New Zealand citizens. Either an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) or an eVisitor visa for Australia will be required, depending on nationality.

ETA visa for Australia

The following countries are eligible to apply for the ETA visa for Australia online:

eVisitor visa for Australia

Nationals of 28 European Union member states and 7 other European countries in the Schengen Area are eligible to apply for the eVisitor visa for Australia online:

The Australia eVisitor is valid for short stays for tourism or business purposes. It was implemented to create a reciprocal short stay travel arrangement for nationals of Australia and the European Union within the existing Australia visa system.

Passport holders from all countries not eligible for eVisitor and ETA can apply for the visitor visa for Australia, except for citizens of Somalia.

More about the online visa for Australia

Eligible citizens must first meet the Australia visa requirements in order to apply for the Australian visa online. This involves having a passport valid for at least 3 months from entry into Australia.

Applicants are also required to provide a current email address to which the Australia e-visa will be sent, and have a debit or credit card in order to pay the visa fee.

To complete the Australia visa application, it is necessary for the petitioner to supply a range of personal and passport information, and carefully double-check the data entered to ensure there are no errors that might result in rejection of the online visa for Australia.

Upon approval, the Australian visa online will be sent to the indicated email address, and the applicant can then print a copy of the visa to present alongside their passport at Australian border control.

Why an e-visa for Australia?

Applying for the visa for Australia online saves visitors the time and hassle of having to go to an Australian embassy or consulate in their home country to obtain an Australia visa.

The Australia online visa application is simple and fast to complete, and most applicants will be able to fill in all the information and submit the form in a matter of minutes.

The Australia e-visa application also allows travellers to arrange and receive the Australian visa well in advance, so they can begin planning other aspects of their trip to Australia such as accommodation, airline tickets and the itinerary for their stay.

What can I do with an online Australia visa?

The electronic visa for Australia is valid for tourist, business, and transit purposes. Some of the activities permitted with an approved Australia e-visa include:

  • Holidays and tourism
  • Visiting family and friends
  • Attending conferences, trade fairs and other business events (provided the applicant is not being paid by the organiser to attend)
  • Volunteer work
  • Entering the Australian territory on a cruise

For passport holders from eligible countries, the online Australia visa (ETA/eVisitor) is the quickest and most convenient way to gain access to the nation for the above purposes.

Travel to Australia with an online visa

Once the Australia online visa has been approved, the document is emailed to the applicant to be printed at home and presented at the border when entering the country, along with the valid passport.

With the approved e-visa, foreigners can stay in Australia for up to 90 days in a 12-month period. Furthermore, as the visa is multiple-entry it can be used for numerous trips to the country, each of up to 3 months.