Best Time to Travel to Australia

best time travel australia

If you want to know when the best time of year to visit Australia is, find out when to plan your trip to Australia with our weather and seasonal information. Learn about the seasons and weather in Australia, the worst time of year to visit and the cheapest time of year to travel Australia, too!

Once you know when you’re going, you can start applying for an Australian visa to get ready for your trip. Make sure you read the visa entry requirements and apply with plenty of time before your planned date of departure.

The Seasons in Australia

While most understand that Australia being geographically located in the Southern Hemisphere of the globe means that the seasons are the other way round to those living in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s difficult to know when to actually visit Australia. It feels upside down and many ask when the best time of year to visit Australia is, or simply put, when one seasons changes to another.

The Australian seasons are as follows:

  • Spring: September to November
  • Summer: December to February
  • Fall: March to May
  • Winter: June to August

The Best Time to Visit Australia

The best time to travel to Australia depends on what you want to do in Australia, where you want to go in Australia and which temperatures you enjoy traveling in.

Some might prefer to visit Australia in the spring or fall, as temperatures are less extreme and there are fewer crowds. Another option is visiting at the beginning or end of summer if you want to catch a bit of sun but aren’t keen on traveling in peak season.

The Worst Time to Visit Australia

It’s not just about getting the temperature right, as those who want to know the worst times to visit Australia might be thinking about peak seasons, school holidays and other times of the year to avoid.

Students are on vacation from mid-December, for the whole of January and sometimes even for some of February, too. This means that beaches are busier, airfares can go up and crowds can be expected in most popular locations.

In terms of weather, the south of Australia can be chilly during the winter (June to August) and the north of Australia can be known to experience heatwaves and high temperatures in the summer (December to February). It also rains more in the summer in North Australia.

Cheapest Months to Visit Australia

While there isn’t often a free or moderately “cheap” way to visit Australia (particularly if you are traveling from afar), there are certainly months throughout the year that offer more economic travel in Australia.

March can be a good time of year to visit Australia, as the end of the summer still lingers but there are less people and peak season prices have gone down, making your accommodation and other travel costs cheaper.

The best way to find economic flights or accommodation is to book in advance or visit Australia during the springtime or fall. If you have your heart set on visiting Australia in the summertime (and even more so because it means escaping your winter in the Northern Hemisphere!) then it is possible to organize a vacation to Australia during the summertime, providing that you book with plenty of time in advance.

Make sure you Be sure to research the different Australia visa types before applying for a visa. Applicants should ensure that they are eligible for an Australian visa prior to sending off their application, as failure to meet the visa requirements could lead to a delayed or rejected visa.