Checking the Status of an Australian Visa Online

check australia visa status

With the exception of citizens of New Zealand, all foreign citizens are required to have a valid visa to travel to Australia, regardless of the length of intended stay or purpose for the visit. A number of foreign nationals are now able to apply for an electronic visa for Australia and check the status of an Australian ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) online before it is approved.

Citizens of 8 different countries around the world are able to apply for a subclass 601 ETA visa through a simple online application, while citizens of European countries can instead apply for the (subclass 651) eVisitor visa for Australia through the same form.

Similar to the United States ESTA system, the ETA for Australia is an electronic travel authority which permits the holder short stays in the country for tourism and business purposes. As the application process is completed entirely online, there is no need to travel to an Australian embassy to submit paperwork in person.

It is also possible to check the ETA status for Australia online while the application is being processed, without having to contact immigration authorities by phone.

Please note that it is only possible to complete the check if you obtained your Australia ETA through this website.

How can I check the status of my Australian ETA or eVisitor?

The Australian visa application (ETA or eVisitor) only takes a few minutes to complete with basic personal, passport, and travel details. It is also necessary to answer a few health and security questions, upload supporting documents, and provide a valid current email address before submitting the form.

It is essential that the email address applicants provide is a current one that is regularly checked, as communications regarding the status of the ETA will be sent to this inbox.

To perform an Australian visa status enquiry, applicants for an ETA can simply check their inbox for emails informing them about the processing status of the electronic authority.

After submitting the ETA form, applicants can expect to receive an email advising them that their request has been received and that the application is ‘Pending’. Soon after, they can expect to receive an email stating that the ETA is either ‘Approved’ or ‘Denied’.

If approved, the traveller will then be able to print out a copy of the attached approved Australian ETA to carry with them to present when boarding transportation and at border control upon arrival.

If the ETA is denied, it will be necessary to submit a new electronic application and receive approval before reaching Australia.

Why should I check my ETA status?

Petitioners may want to check their status after submitting the eVisitor / ETA application to ensure that processing for the travel authority is underway and they will receive their granted ETA in enough time before their departure for Australia.

It only takes around 1 business day for an ETA to be processed and approved in 90% of cases, although some applications may take up to 2 business days to process. In the rare case of any delays, this may take longer, so the traveller may wish to check which stage of the process the application is in.

One reason for delays in ETA processing may be that the applicant has not uploaded all the necessary supporting documents according to the Australia visa requirements, or because the application form contained small errors in the data provided. In such cases, the applicant will be notified of this by email and prompted to provide the missing documents or information.

If the applicant receives an email saying that the eVisitor / ETA is denied, they will be required to submit a new application, taking care to ensure all the data is correct before submitting the new form.

Those who plan to travel to Australia but have a criminal record with more than 1 year of jail time served are not likely to have their ETA application approved, as they do not meet the Health and Character requirements for the Australian online visa. However, they will be able to

apply for an Australia visitor visa or another visa type from an embassy.

How can I check the validity of my Australia ETA authority?

Applicants for an ETA are able to check the validity of the Australian visa authority by checking the expiry date on the PDF copy of the ETA sent to their email inbox upon approval.

What is my Australia ETA online visa expiry date?

The Australian ETA visa waiver is valid for 12 months from the date of approval and issue. Therefore, it will expire exactly one year to the day from the day the traveller receives their approved ETA, unless the passport which they use to apply expires before this time.

This is because an approved ETA is electronically linked to one individual passport, and this document will be scanned upon arrival in Australia to check the validity of the travel authority.

As the ETA is a multiple entry authority, holders can use their ETA-linked passport to enter Australia multiple times during its validity, for a total stay of up to 90 days with each entry.

It is important not to overstay in Australia on an ETA , as this may occur fines or other penalties. The visitor must also inform the Australian Immigration Authority if any of the key information provided on the ETA form changes, including their phone number, email address, or relationship status.

Other ways to verify the eTA Australia status

If for whatever reason the applicant does not receive any emails about the status of the Australian ETA within the standard 2-day period of processing time, they are able to submit a contact form to request an update.

On the form, the must specify the nature of their enquiry, as well as provide the following information:

  • Email address
  • Full name
  • Passport number
  • Passport country of issue

Those who submit an ETA contact form can expect to receive a response within 72 hours. However, before submitting a form, applicants are advised to check the spam section of the email inbox in case the eVisitor or ETA status updates have accidentally been sent to this folder.

Can I renew my ETA for Australia?

It is not possible to extend a tourist visa for Australia while in the country. To renew an ETA or eVisitor, travellers must leave Australia before they can submit a new application online.

Alternatively, if the foreign citizen wishes to remain within Australia with an expired ETA or eVisitor, they will be required to apply for another Australian visa type.