Australian Visa for Italian Citizens

The Australian eVisitor visa was implemented in 2008 for the citizens of 36 European Union and Schengen Area countries in order to help in accelerating and simplifying the process of traveling to Australia.

Therefore, Italian citizens must apply for an eVisitor visa online in order to be able to travel to Australia for business or tourism purposes. The Australian eVisitor for Italians is valid for 12 months and grants a maximum stay of 3 months at a time.

The Australian eVisitor for Italian citizens supports multiple entries enabling travelers to go back and forth as many times as necessary throughout its 1-year validity.

australia visa italian citizens

The application for the Australian eVisitor visa can be done online and is very straightforward and easy to complete. This makes the process of obtaining a visa very comfortable as it eliminates the need for applicants to go to embassies or consulates on appointments.

The Australian eVisitor for Italians starts from the date it is granted, whereas the 3-month stay starts counting from the date of entry to Australia.

Generally, the eVisitor visa is granted within a day and will be digitally linked to the traveler’s passport removing the need for any labels or stamps on the passport upon approval.

Do Italian Citizens Need a Visa for Australia?

Italian citizens along with citizens of 35 other European countries are required to apply for the Australian eVisitor visa before traveling to Australia.

The Australian visa for citizens from Italy allows business visits, visiting friends or family, enjoying cruises and holidays as well as studying or training for 3 months. Unpaid volunteer work is also legal with an Australian eVisitor Visa.

Families wishing to travel together should apply individually for the Australian eVisitor visa, including minors. Only minors included on their parent’s passports are excluded from applying for the Australian eVisitor visa from Italy. In these cases, minors can travel on their parent’s eVisitor visa.

Italian citizens wishing to extend their Australian eVisitor visa must apply for a new one, as extending eVisitor visas is not possible.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Visa for Australia from Italy?

Usually, it takes up to a maximum of 24 hours to obtain the Australian eVisitor visa from Italy.

In case of any mistakes or errors, or if additional documents are required, the application process may take longer. Therefore, the best option is to apply at least 2 weeks prior to the intended trip to avoid any complications.

Australian visa requirements for Italian citizens include the following:

  • Passport, valid for at least 3 months counting from the date of arrival in Australia
  • Health clearance document proving no risk of public health, such as tuberculosis
  • Proof of no medical service requirements in Australia
  • Proof of funds to support the stay as well as leaving Australian territory
  • Criminal conviction record
  • Valid email address
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Health insurance (recommended)

Travelers may be required to undergo medical examinations to be able to enter Australia as the Australian Government demands fulfilling a number of specified health and character requirements before granting any type of visa, such as:

  • Posing no threat to the Australian public health
  • Being free of tuberculosis
  • Requiring no costly health and community services (or those short in supply) that may in turn risk a lack of or no access to these services for Australian citizens or permanent residents
  • No criminal conviction or jail-time sentencing of 12 months or more (whether served or not served)
  • Answering questions in a truthful manner
  • Proof of good conduct by an employer (optional)

Travelers are required to notify the Australian Government in case of:

  • Changing phone number, address, email address, passport
  • Changing the relationship status
  • Giving birth to a child

Apply for an Australian Visa from Italy

To apply for the Australian visa from Italy, applicants must provide the following basic personal answers on the online application form:

  • Personal information: full name, address, birthdate
  • Passport information: passport number, expiry date, nationality
  • Health history information: medical history
  • Security information: history of criminal conviction
  • Travel plans: hotel bookings, dates, itinerary

Once the application is completed and the required documents are attached, a response can be expected within 24 hours via email address.

Once the Australian visa is approved, it will be digitally linked to the traveler’s passport number. A copy of the email with the approved eVisitor visa should be presented upon arrival at the Australian airport, together with the corresponding passport.

Travelers must apply for a new Australian eVisitor visa in case of passport loss or change as electronic visas are not transferrable between passports.

eVisitor visa application in Italian

Those who do not feel comfortable in English do not need to worry. The eVisitor electronic application is available online in Italian, as well as in a variety of other languages. All applicants need to do is use the button below to access the online application in Italian.