Australian Visa Requirements for Japanese Citizens

Japanese citizens are eligible to travel to Australia on an electronic travel authorization (ETA). Before making any travel plans or beginning the application process for an ETA, it is important to go through the requirements set by the Australian Home Office governing travel to the country.

These requirements are meant to protect the Australian public from threats and set the criteria based upon which visas are granted to individuals. They include:

  • Having a passport that is valid for at least 3 months from the date the individual arrives in Australia
  • The applicant of the ETA must be free from any diseases that may become a threat to the Australian public
  • He/she must also not need significant health care or community services especially if they are of a costly nature
  • The individual traveling to Australia must not need medical or community services that deny Australians and permanent residents of those services
  • The individual must not have a criminal record or have served jail-time for a period of 1 year
  • The individual must have a good character that can be proved using official documents

Do Japanese Citizens Need a Visa to Enter Australia?

If you are an Australian citizen or a citizen of New Zealand, you are entitled to visa-free entry to Australia. All other nationalities need to have a visa in order to enter Australia. Japan is one of 9 countries whose citizens are allowed to apply for an ETA online. In order to apply for an ETA, a person must be traveling either for tourism or for business purposes. The Australian Home Office has other visa categories to better suit travelers’ needs. You can look through the website to ensure you are getting the right type of visa for your travel needs. The ETA must be obtained prior to traveling to Australia.

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What Documents Are Required for the Australian ETA

In order to apply for an Australian ETA, you will need a passport, a valid credit card, and an email address. You might be asked to provide additional documents if it is determined that there might be a risk associated with granting you a visa. For example, you might be asked to provide a police clearance certificate or a certificate from your employer verifying your good nature. It is important to make sure that the documents you use to apply for and travel on are original and authentic. The Australian Home Office will immediately reject any visa application submitted using fake or forged documentation.

How to Apply for an ETA from Japan

Applying for an ETA is a very simple process as it is online and takes only a few minutes to complete. You start by going to the Australian ETA visa website. On the main page, you will see a green button that says, ‘Australian Visa Application’. When you click on it, it will take you to a page where you will fill out a form with your personal details and passport information. It is really important that the information you enter on the form matches the information on your passport otherwise you run the risk of having your visa invalidated and denied entry to Australia.

You will also be asked to provide a valid email address and credit/debit card information. It can take up to 3 days or more for your application to be processed. You will be required to make a payment with the debit/credit card information that you provided in order for your application to be processed. Once the processing is complete, your ETA will be sent to the email address you provided on your application. You need to keep an electronic copy of your ETA on your mobile phone/handheld device and a printed out copy to take with you to the airport where you will present it to border authorities along with your passport.

When you arrive at the Australian airport and are cleared for entry by the Australian Border Force, your ETA will be attached to your passport and this will allow you to travel to and within Australia. Your ETA is valid for multiple entries and can be valid for 3, 6 or 12 months. Your duration of stay will be listed on your ETA.

While flying into Australia, you will be asked to fill out an Incoming Passenger Card (or IPC) which will ask you to provide information among other things, your address information in Australia, contacts in Australia (if any) and other information regarding customs and quarantine.

You are not allowed to work in Australia with an ETA visa, but you may engage strictly in volunteer work. Once you are in Australia, you must inform the Australian Home Office in case your phone number or email address change.