Australian Visa for Luxembourger Citizens

Most foreign visitors to Australia must hold a valid visa. However, Luxembourgers planning to visit the country can meet this requirement quickly and easily by applying online for an eVisitor visa.

The eVisitor visa, allows eligible nationals to enter the country and stay for up to 3 consecutive months within a 12-month timeframe from the date of issue for tourism and business purposes. It only takes a few minutes to register and approval is normally given within a matter of hours.

This travel permit, also known as the subclass 651, is available for citizens of Luxembourg and greatly simplifies the process of entering Australia for business, tourism and short term study of under 3 months. For those arriving in the country for longer periods of study or work, it is recommended to apply for one of the other types of visa for Australia.

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Do Luxembourg citizens need a visa for Australia?

Having a visa is the first step to entering Australia. Nationals of all European nations must have the right travel authorisation to enter the country and Luxembourg is no exception.

The best option for Luxembourg nationals is the Australia eVisitor visa. This is just one of the many types of visa available for for visitors from the country, however it is the quickest and easiest to obtain for tourism and business travel. It is obtained fully online and an application can be completed within minutes.

Be aware however, Luxembourg citizens travelling to Australia with minors must also complete a seperate application for any children in their party. This must be done no matter whether the child is registered on a parent’s passport or has their own passport.

Types of Australian travel authorisations for Luxembourg

Australia offers two significant online visas. The eVisitor visa is one option, whilst the Electronic Travel Authority (eTA) is the second.

Luxembourgers should be aware that an Australian eTA is not the same as an eVisitor visa to Australia. The eVisitor visa is intended for European visitors, while the eTA is most commonly used by other international visitors from countries such as Canada, the United States and Japan.

Nevertheless, the process of registering for either can be completed online by eligible passport holders. Other foreign nations instead have to obtain a visa directly from an Australian embassy.

Luxembourgers transiting through Australia to an onward destination can arrive without an ETA or eVisitor Visa. However, they will require a transit visa to Australia, known as subclass 771, which allows passengers with connecting flights to visit Australia for 72 hours.

Of course passengers from Luxembourg already in possession of a valid eVisitor visa will not need to apply for a transit visa in addition to their current travel authorisation. They can simply enter and leave Australia using their already valid visitor’s permit.

In addition to the tourism and business travel options already mentioned, there are many other types of visa that can be acquired to enter Australia. Luxembourger nationals interested in long term study or work in Australia cannot use an eVisitor or eTA for these purposes. Instead, they should apply for a study visa or a working visa, which have different requirements and conditions to be met.

Australian visa for Luxembourgers: documents needed

Before registering for an eVistor online visa, potential applicants will need a number of documents ready to proceed with the process. Luxembourgers planning to travel to Australia must meet the following Australia eVisitor requirements and perform the following:

  • Provide information from a Luxembourger passport (it must have at least 3 months validity remaining on the date of arrival)
  • Complete the online eVisitor form
  • Enter an email address that can be used to receive the eVisitor approval notification

Depending on the purpose for visiting Australia, applicants may be asked to provide other information regarding their health and criminal details. If Luxembourger travellers visiting Australia have a criminal record and the Australian government has doubts about the security of the applicants, more documentation such as a police certificate or a completed character statutory declaration can be requested.

Travellers from Luxembourg must also sign a declaration which states that they do not pose a danger to Australian society.

Furthermore , passengers with chronic diseases must sign an agreement to monitor their progress once in Australia. It is also recommended to acquire medical insurance to Australia before travelling, as well to ensure that they have received the correct Australian vaccines needed.

Passengers will also be required to complete a goods declaration when landing in the country in addition to filling in, an Incoming Passenger Cards (IPCs) to show on arrival.

Apply for an Australian visa From Luxembourg

The online application form for an Australia electronic visa is intuitive, secure, and fast. It takes no more than 20 minutes to complete.

On completing the form, applicants must provide a valid email address to receive any communications from the Australian authorities regarding the eVisitor visa. Luxembourgers will also need to pay a fee to complete the application and a credit or debit card number is needed to complete the process.

Once received, the Australian authorities will check the visa request. Applicants from Luxembourg can check the status of their visa by email and If the eVisitor visa to Australia is rejected for any reason, a written explanation will be provided with the reasons that the travel authorisation was denied and/or if any other documents are required.

It is recommended to print the approved visa before travelling, regardless of if the visitor is arriving in Australia on a cruise or by plane. Each time the passenger enters the country they must only do so with the same passport used to apply for their visa.

Australia e-Visitor visa for Luxembourg: Processing times

eVisitor visas are usually processed within 24 hours. However, procedure can take longer if any discrepancies are found in the information provided or in the event that extra documentation is needed from the applicants. It is therefore recommended to apply for an eVisitor visa at least 2 weeks before travelling from Luxembourg to Australia.

Be aware, there can be legal consqeuneces if a traveller’s Australia visa expires whilst in the country. To avoid overstaying a visa, passengers should take note of the visa’s expiration date before arriving in Australia.