Australia Visa for Maltese Citizens

Australia implemented the digital visa program back in 1996, and as of 2013, the current online visa applies to several nationalities including Maltese citizens.

The process is straightforward: Maltese travelers can access an online platform for applying for the electronic visa in just a few minutes.

There are two main types of online visas for Australia which can be granted based on the applicant’s nationality: the ETA subclass 601 visa available for citizens of 9 countries and the eVisitor visa subclass 651 available for nationals of some European states.

The document the Australian Home Office grants to eligible Maltese is the eVisitor visa which permits them to go to Australia for both tourism and business purposes.

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Do Maltese Passport Holders Need a Visa to Travel to Australia?

Along with 35 other countries, citizens from Malta need to obtain an Australian visa in order to reach the continent.

The Australian visa for Maltese nationals is valid for a period of 1 year, allowing travelers multiple entries throughout its validity. This electronic travel permit also grants a maximum stay of 90 consecutive days at a time.

Once obtained, the Australian visa for visitors from Malta allows them to do the following:

  • See family or friends
  • Take a holiday or cruise
  • Undertake business visitor activities
  • Attend meetings and conferences
  • Study or train for up to 3 months, in some circumstances
  • Perform unpaid volunteer work

Note: Travelers from Malta holding dual citizenship must bring to the airport the same passport they used to apply for the Australian eVisitor visa online.

Also, all foreigners are required to make a separate eVisitor application for each family member, which includes children traveling to Australia.

Australian eVisitor Visa: Requirements For Maltese Citizens

There are a few Australian eVisitor requirements that travelers from Malta should ensure they meet even before starting the application process:

  • A Maltese passport valid for at least 3 months from the date of arrival in Australia
  • An active email address to be used for all correspondence on visa-related issues, including confirmation and further information requests
  • A valid credit/debit card for the online visa fee payment

Additionally, foreigners visitors need to comply with the following conditions to enter Australia with an eVisitor permit:

  • The applicant must not have a criminal record with serious offenses or convictions for which the sentence is 12 months or longer, regardless of whether the sentence has been completed or not
  • The applicant must be in good health and free of any conditions that would require costly care and prevent Australian citizens from receiving the same treatment

As part of the online Australia visa requirements, Maltese must complete the application form with their personal information and all data matching their passport information page.

Contact details such as address and phone number will be required, as well as answering some security questions about criminal and health history.

Medical exam for Maltese citizens entering Australia

In certain cases, Maltese travelers might be asked to undergo a medical exam to determine whether or not they comply with the health requirements in order to enter Australia.

Individuals suffering from significant health problems may need to sign an Australian Health Undertaking in order to monitor their condition with a doctor in Australia.

Australian good character verification for Maltese applicants

Applicants may also be required to submit documentation verifying their good character, such as a police clearance certificate or a letter from an employer. A good character generally refers to the “enduring moral qualities of a person”.

If an individual is found to be of good character, then they are likely considered to uphold and obey the laws of Australia. If the Australian Home Office perceives that an applicant might be a risk or a threat to the Australian community, the visa will be denied.


What Should I Expect After Submitting My Australia eVisitor Application from Malta?

A response of approval should be expected within 24 hours via email address. However, in case of mistakes or additional required documents, the process may take longer. For this reason, Maltese travelers should apply at least 2 weeks prior to their planned trip.

It is advisable to print out the email with the Australian visa for presentation at border control upon arrival.

Travelers to Australia should also be aware of the fact that if they arrive by plane, they will be required to fill out an Incoming Passenger Card. This will allow all non-Australian passengers to make any customs or quarantine declarations in addition to any cash amounts they are importing above a certain threshold.

Additionally, visitors will be asked to list the address at which they will be staying whilst in Australia and any contacts they might have within the country.

Important: If whilst in Australia, an eVisitor holder’s phone number, email address or relationship status change at any time, they are required to give notice to the Australian Home Office of this modification immediately.

It is recommended to depart from Australia a few days before the visa expires to ensure that travelers do not encounter any issues with overstaying their visas.