Australian Visa for Slovak Citizens

The Australia eVisitor Visa for Slovak nationals is an electronic visa that can be obtained by completing a quick online application form.

In 2008 Australia improved its different types of visas by creating the eVisitor visa, or subclass 651, which allows citizens of all Schengen countries and EU member states, including Slovakia, and a few other European nations to apply online for a visa to enter Australia.

The Australia online electronic visa allows citizens of Slovakia to avoid the lengthier process of making an appointment at an embassy or consulate to apply in person, as well as queues at Australian border control.

The Australia eVisitor visa for Slovak passport holders permits:

  • Stays of up to 3 consecutive months in Australia
  • Multiple entries to Australia within a year
  • Entry for several different purposes

The eVisitor for Australia visa expires when 12 months have passed since it was requested or when the passport of the Slovak citizen is no longer valid. Therefore, travellers from Slovakia are advised to comply with this maximum permitted stay in the country to avoid overstaying an Australia visa.

Do Slovak nationals need a visa for Australia?

Slovak citizens must apply for an eVisitor visa for entering Australia.

The eVisitor visa allows Slovak nationals to:

  • Enjoy holidays in Australia
  • Attend business meetings and conference
  • Visit friends or family

Regarding business affairs, it should be noted that paid work is not permitted. Slovak business travellers can be in Australia for reviewing contracts or attending conferences, but always being paid by their current companies in their country of origin.

Once the electronic visa is received, it has to be printed and shown when arriving in Australia. An immigration control form must usually be filled out at the port of entry in Australia, which is called the Incoming Passenger Card. This card is a personal information form.

Once Slovak tourists are in Australia, they have to notify authorities of any change in their personal data, such as mobile phones or email addresses if they are using new ones.

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Other Australia visas available for Slovaks

Applicants from Slovakia should notice that the Australia eVisitor is not the same as the ETA for Australia, which is actually a visa waiver, not an actual visa, reserved for other countries such as Brunei, Hong Kong, or Canada, for instance.

Slovaks must apply for an eVisitor visa, not for an ETA visa waiver.

Although the purposes of travelling with the subclass 651 visa include tourism, business, visiting relatives, and/or studies, it must be kept in mind that if studying is the main reason to travel to Australia, the eVisitor visa is not the correct choice; Slovak nationals will need to apply for another travel permit for academic purposes.

Citizens of Slovakia can attend courses or studies with an eVisitor visa, but only if these studies are not the main reason for travelling.

Slovaks should also bear in mind that if they are stopping in Australia briefly while in transit to another destination, they can ask for an Australian Transit Visa, or subclass 771. This visa allows passengers to remain up to 72 hours in Australia. When obtaining this visa, the boarding pass and the final destination flight ticket must be shown.

How do I apply for an Australian visa as a Slovak?

Slovak nationals applying for an Australia eVisitor online visa need an electronic device, an email address, internet connection, and a valid passport with at least 3 months’ validity remaining before arriving in Australia.

After filling in the online form, providing some personal information, and paying the visa fee with a credit or debit card, the application will be sent to the Australian Immigration Authorities, who take no more than 24 hours to answer and send the electronic visa.

The eVisitor visa is an attached PDF document that is sent by email, and that is why having a valid, functional email address is vital when applying. If no message is received, Slovak travellers are advised to check their spam box.

Sometimes, in addition to the passport and personal information, other documents are required regarding health and character requirements.

Australia eVisitor requirements for Slovak citizens

There are certain Australia eVisitor visa entry requirements that need to be met by Slovak applicants. The conditions and required documents for the eVisitor visa are the following:

  • Valid passport with 3 months remaining before the date of expiry
  • Passport biographical information
  • Full name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Current address
  • Country of birth

If the applicant has a health condition, he or she must fill an agreement form that states that he/she is responsible for his/her health.

The government also requires a behaviour report including a police certificate (also called a penal clearance certificate), a letter from an employer verifying good conduct, and a completed character statutory declaration.

Travelling with children as a Slovak national: considerations

Slovaks can enjoy Australia with children and the whole family. The country has a number of cosmopolitan cities, large areas of natural beauty, and unique wildlife. Families can do a variety of outdoor activities such as surf or snorkeling.

The eVisitor Visa to Australia for Slovakian citizens is a single and non-transferable document. That means that each member of a family has to bring their own visa to be presented to authorities when they arrive in Australia.

Minors from Slovakia must get their own visa by using the current online application form. Their parents or guardians may complete it on their behalf. They must have their own passport with biographical data that will be asked for while filling out the form.