Do I Need a Visa for Australia with Dual Nationality?

Applyiing for an australian tourist visa with dual citizenship

Traveling to Australia often entails obtaining a visa depending on the nationality of the traveler. There are different types of Australian visa, permitted periods of stay, and validity periods which visa applicants should consider prior to applying for a visa for Australia.

Each nationality has its own travel and border agreements with Australia, enabling some travelers to enter visa-free for certain periods of time, while others must apply for a visa prior to departure.

If you have dual nationality and are unsure about whether or not to apply for a visa for Australia, please find the relevant information regarding dual nationality and visa application for Australia below.

Applying for a Visa to Australia with Dual Nationality

Visa applicants with dual nationality should consider a number of points when applying for a visa.

First, travelers should decide with which passport they plan on traveling with out of the two passports. In order to do this, it is important to take certain aspects into account, such as from where they are flying and visa differences between the two passports and national agreements with Australia.

If you possess a passport that enables visa-free travel to Australia, regardless of your other nationality, you will be able to travel on that passport visa-free. However, be sure to use the correct passport and in the case that you require a visa for Australia, it is crucial that you present the corresponding passport at border control upon arrival in Australia.

Once you have decided which passport out of the two to use, if you are required to apply for a visa, you can do so via an online visa application form for Australia. If one of your nationalities does not require you to apply for a visa (for example, New Zealand), you can travel to Australia visa-free providing you enter the country using the passport that permits visa-free entry.

Those who are unsure as to which passport they should use or whether they should travel with both should bear in mind that in the Australia visa application form and also upon purchasing flights, only one passport can be listed per traveler. However, travelers with dual nationality should carry both passports in the event that they leave/enter countries that require both to be presented at border control or upon embarking.

Please note: In the case that applicants only have one nationality, it is important to research the country requirements regarding an Australian visa.